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Temporary accommodation housing is more than a fad, nowadays they represent a real alternative to hotels, especially for longer stays that can be between 3 and extend up to 6 months

In times of increasing globalization and mobility of jobs, more and more companies recognize it and give preference to this type of stay, as they represent significant savings, satisfied employees and competitive advantages.

Here are five of the top reasons to consider temporary housing for your staff:

QUALITY: The need for temporary accommodation may arise suddenly, or it may be planned months in advance, but in any case, it is the best option for people who need a comfortable home for a certain period. Modern short-term rentals are now Class A residential properties, which may also be suited to the standards of what the client expects to receive.

PROFITABILITY: Temporary accommodation is more cost-effective, rents are usually less expensive than long-stay hotels and by a considerable margin. Superior hotels have a powerful brand presence and additional marketing channels to advertise their product, which increases demand and therefore price. Accommodation in temporary housing also reduces associated expenses for the employee such as the use of restaurants, laundry services and parking. This type of property can comfortably accommodate a family of 4 people, which a hotel could represent having to rent 2 rooms, which would double the costs.

COMFORT: Each residence is fully furnished and equipped for a long-term stay. This includes essentials such as kitchen utensils, glassware and bedding. Short-term apartments are of a high standard, so residents can expect a kitchen, a living room, an extended bedroom, laundry appliances in the unit. Many providers include cleaning services for convenience. Additionally in most of these you will find facilities and recreational areas for the whole family

FLEXIBILITY: Temporary accommodation offers that perfect medium between a hotel and a traditional rental house or apartment. If requested with sufficient time a temporary housing can be adapted to accommodate special needs such as safety nets or pets. Designed to adapt to the residential needs of the professional and the organization, these units can be rented for as little as a month, or for years, depending on what the organization needs.

MOST MOTIVATED EMPLOYEES: Feeling at home, even when away from it, has an overall positive effect on motivation. Having your own temporary home, as close as possible to the feeling of being at home, helps to recharge lost energy reserves.

If your company plans to carry out projects that require short-term stays and you are thinking of renting one or several properties, contact Siuma Mobility Latin America, we are at your disposal to help you find a solution adapted to your needs.

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