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A smooth and high-quality relocation or assignment will have a decisive effect on the commitment, performance, and retention of your employees. When your team members arrive at their destination without experiencing problems and with a robust relocation program, they will more efficiently fulfill their new job responsibilities.

Working closely with a strategic partner who is an expert in managing mobility programs will ensure the achievement of this objective. Among the most important responsibilities of companies that provide relocation services are:

Aligning with the global talent displacement strategy of the organizations they work with in order to provide a unified and clear direction to the assigned employees. Assuming the administrative and operational tasks of the Human Resources departments. Establishing precise expectations with the employee and the head of their business unit to ensure understanding of the process, variables, cultural changes, and implications for the executive and accompanying family members. Reducing administrative costs through the use of technological tools and their network of providers. Achieving the required productivity of the executive during their transition through impeccable management of their relocation process, as the investment that the company makes in a relocating employee is significant. Exceeding executives’ expectations during this process is the cornerstone of the success of a mobility program and the achievement of companies’ talent management objectives.

A perfect synergy between stakeholders and a team experienced and integrated by experts in the field is the first step to guaranteeing a superior experience. At Siuma Mobility Latin America, we offer a complete set of services designed to facilitate the mobility cycle and meet the changing needs of global talent, as we know that the responsibility of the mobility leader has never been greater.

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