Considering the current challenges that companies are facing to be competitive, now more than ever it is necessary to focus on the core business.


Looking for ways to help our clients run operations more efficiently, we have designed a methodology not only to outsource the payroll process, but also to add value along the rest of the HR processes related to it.  

As a result, our clients have the opportunity to tailor the scope of our services through a team of HR Experts and technological tools in order to optimize processes, aiming to become the Payroll Partner of our clients by:


  • Identifying efficiency and improvement opportunities throughout the payroll and HR related processes
  • Defining the optimal scope of payroll services to be outsourced
  • Allowing our client´s HR team to focus on tasks that add strategic value to the company:  Aligning performance kpis, developing competencies to increase productivity, mapping talent for executive succession, managing culture, among others.


Our Payroll + HR Solutions Program is tailored-made to the needs of each of our clients. 


The scope is determined with the client and normally includes:


  • Payroll Calculations and Payments
  • Employee Creditors Payments
  • Payment slips issuance (digital and printed according to client´s needs)
  • Reports and Payments to Government Agencies according to law
  • Employee Self-Service Portal for permits and vacations requests, employment letters, updating personal information, among others
  • Statistics Reports for overtime, absenteeism, tardiness, vacations
  • Employee Contract Termination: Calculation, Payment and Termination Process
  • Siuma 24/7 Assistance
  • Siuma Benefits – Shops and Services Discount Network App


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