Onboarding, especially when moving to a new location, is an important part of helping employees not only understand their new role, but also getting started with all the tools they need.  


The quality of onboarding experienced by new employees may affect their engagement and performance.  There are many activities throughout the onboarding process, from the job offer to the training.


We help our clients by outsourcing as many activities of the onboarding process needed by the HR Team to ensure the new hire or recently relocated employee is engaged and ready to be productive.


The scope of our onboarding services is designed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the needs of our clients.  It may include:


  • Benefits Overview and Registration: Medical & Life Insurance, Pension Funds
  • Equipment Delivery: Computer / Laptop / Tablet / Phone / Access Pass
  • Security Equipment Delivery: Helmets / Boots / Gloves
  • Account Set-Ups: Telephone number / e-mail address / logins to systems
  • Security and Safety Training Coordination
  • Policy and Culture Training
  • Employee Handbook Training
  • Facility Tours
  • Team introductions





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