House Hunting

Service focused on delivering an efficient and personalized home search, where we look for options based on the criteria defined by the executive, under the professional advise of our team of real estate experts.

Regardless of the need to either purchase or rent a property, the main objective of this service is to provide the executive with enough real estate information so that he can make informed decisions when it comes to selecting a new home, minimizing the time spent in the process and the impact in his establishment, enabling him to direct his energy in his work and the enjoyment of the new country.


  • Definition of initial home selection criteria
  • Real Estate general information
  • Pre screening of properties according to defined criteria
    • Pictures
    • Technical data
    • Comparative charts
  • Accompanied visits to properties
  • Property selection assistance



  • Lease negotiation
  • Lease draft
  • Property check on Public Registry
  • Lease signature coordination
  • Repairs follow up
  • Summary of lease contract and tenant obligations
  • Detailed entrance inspection
  • Follow up with entrance pendings



  • Advise on process and timings
  • Assist in purchase negotiation
  • Review purchase agreement against market practices
  • Assist in mortgage process


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