Virginia Pérez

Relocation Counselor

Virginia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration; has been a licensed insurance agent for 20 years, but has developed a passion for Relocation. 

In the past three years, she has been part of our team of counselors, in which her abilities for client service and her amazing ways of communicating our clients’ needs and wants, are put to test.

She speaks Spanish and English fluently, and as part of her constant efforts for developing new skills to make her work interactions more efficient, Virginia took the challenge of learning Portuguese during the 2020 quarantine, in order to be even more prepared to speak in the native language of many of our clients.  

As part of the qualities and knowledge she brings to the table, she also highlights the coaching training undertaken in the past years, as an amazing tool to develop proper listening and emotional intelligence capabilities, considering that the whole process of moving from a home country to another unknown place, may have great impact in the dynamics of families.

Her idea of excellence is related to the thought that she represents Panama, and in a way, she strives to be the first amazing Panamanian person that our clients will meet.


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