Larissa de Brostella

Executive Vice-President

Larissa has a degree in Industrial Engineering and 10 years of experience in the mobility industry, relocating executives and companies in Panama, and Latin America.  She has lived in France and England, experience which has given her the necessary sensitivity to develop successful skills in this industry.  Prior to this experience, she stood out as a sales and customer service leader in different industries.  Her career and experience have helped her become a highly trained negotiator, helping her achieve the best results in different areas of support.

She attributes the company’s continued success to the team’s commitment to excellence, honesty and integrity in customer service, accompanied by a highly dedicated and talented staff.  Her energetic personality, organization and eye for detail, has led her to create a business mystique where results are achieved in an environment of excellence.

Her determination to always find a win-win solution under any circumstance, and her self-critical approach to look for better way to do the job, allows the company to have an innovative culture and stay at the forefront of success.


Estrategia de Movilidad en RH

Clave en el Manejo de Talento a Nivel Global Compañías alrededor del mundo están enfocándose en la movilidad global y otras estrategias para mantenerse competitivos

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