Katherine Lezcano

Mobility Consultant

Katherine is known by her excellent standard for best customer service in the relocation business. She consistently goes beyond the call in delivering personalized relocation assistance. No request has been too big or too small for her. Every question is always answered. She provides individual counseling, performed  in a professional and caring manner.

Ms. Lezcano is a Mobility Consultant, responsible for overseeing relocation services, managing third party vendors, executing customer service innovations, implementing cost reductions policies and developing other business functions.  She has vast experience on ensuring a successful acclimation to the new community, she is an expert with local settling-in services providing coordination and on-the-ground delivery of key services.

Her studies on International Relations and Diplomacy give her an incredible empathy and understanding of the complexities and emotions involved in moving people. 

Katie is detail-oriented, articulate and provides administrative support to multiple high-level executives. She is a flexible team member recognized for excellence. She exemplifies her passion and heartfelt driver to best serve their clients’ interests. Her devotion and unparalleled customer service standards have resulted in a continuously expanding network of loyal clients and referrals.


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