Ana Gabrielle Quijano

Settling In / Administration Consultant

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Structural Architecture, she has strong skills in property administration which translates to excellence in managing temporary accommodations and settling in services. Ana Gabrielle has vast knowledge in all areas of the mobility process from destination services to departure programs. She currently manages and oversees the entire settling in services, corporate housing and property management. 

Ms. Quijano brings a unique combination of business-to-business solutions and consumer planning and development experience. Her focus delivers strong financial results, cost saving strategies, process streamlining, resource management, and excellent customer service. 

As a certified architect she always takes care of her clients, using her technical knowledge to support the delivery of the permanent housing selected by the relocating party. 

Ana Gabrielle is constantly looking forward on delivering a personalized relocation assistance focused on the clients’ priorities and needs. She is always able to answer and solve any type of request, characterized by her unique caring and professional identity.


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