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Panama’s Foreign Investment Attraction Laws have provided legal framework to further benefit corporations and investors beyond the traditional economic resources Panama offers: Privileged geographical position for logistics and connectivity, the use of US Dollar as legal currency, a stable democratic government system, the most advanced banking system in the region and one of the best places to live in Latin America.

The different Laws, providing benefits in areas of taxation, immigration quotas, specific industries, specific operations and special investments zones, continue to position Panama as a destination for investments, regional headquarters and global outsourcing centers among others. However, the gathering of country information presents a challenge for incoming companies, as there are many sites with outdated and unreliable information.

Siuma Mobility, having contributed to the sustained growth of our economy by becoming the mobility partner of companies that established operations in Panama, has designed a series of services for corporations in their exploratory stages to help them source the information required efficiently and with the celerity that business decisions demand.

Along with our partners in Grupo Siuma we have built the capacity and structure to provide solutions coordinated with flexibility to accommodate the needs of the company:

  • Site Location: Offices, Industrial and Commercial Real Estate
  • HR Solutions: Staffing, Outsourcing and Payroll
  • Third Party Providers Alignment and Sourcing

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